Privacy Policy

4kiz, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has established the following privacy policy regarding the handling of personal information (information about customers, including “personal information” as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of 2003, hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information Protection Act”)) obtained from individuals, including users (hereinafter referred to as “Customers”) of services (including websites and applications, hereinafter referred to as the “Company’s Services”) operated by the Company.

1. Personal Information to Be Obtained

The personal information that we obtain depends on the method of collection and is as follows.

(1) Information Provided by Customers

The Company may ask the Customers to provide information when registering to use the Company’s Services. Such information includes, for example, the following information.


  1. Information about the Customers such as name, date of birth, gender, photo/video, occupation, etc.
  2. Contact information such as email address, telephone number, address, etc.
  3. Information related to the means of payment, such as bank account information, electronic money information, etc.
  4. Information entered or transmitted by the Customer through input forms or other methods determined by the Company.

(2) Information Provided by Third Parties

The Company, in the operation of the Company’s Services, may obtain personal information from third parties. For example, if the Customers allow the Company’s Services to be linked to an external service such as a social networking service, the Company will collect the following information from that external service based on what the Customers agreed to give permission.


  1. IDs used by the Customer for the external service in question.
  2. Other information that the customer has authorized to be disclosed to the linked party according to the privacy settings of the relevant external service.

(3) Information Automatically Collected When the Customers use the Company’s Services

When the Customers use or browse the Company’s Services, information may be automatically transmitted to the Company through Internet technology or other means. Such information may include, for example, the following information.


  1. Referrer
  2. IP address
  3. Information on server access logs
  4. Information about cookies and similar technologies
  5. ADID, IDFA, and other advertising identifiers
  6. Information related to the individual identification of information and telecommunications terminals, such as terminal IDs, etc.
  7. Information on the browser, operating system, and other information on the telecommunications terminal used
  8. Information related to wi-fi connection
  9. Location information
  10. Browsing history and activity history
  11. Other information regarding the use of the Company’s Services (including the status of use and settings of the Company’s Services and browsing history of contents, etc.)

2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Company will use the personal information obtained appropriately within the scope of the following purposes.

  1. To provide the Company’s Services (including acceptance of registration for the Company’s Services, identification, user authentication, user age verification, parent-child authentication between users, confirmation of parental consent for users under 13 years old, recording of user settings, maintenance of security, etc.)
  2. To provide information on the usage and operation status of the Company’s Services for Customers
  3. To provide information on the Company’s Services
  4. To improve and develop the Company’s Services
  5. To respond to inquiries
  6. To conduct surveys, monitoring, interviews, etc. for Customers
  7. To provide customized content to Customers
  8. To send Customers information about the Company’s Services and the Company
  9. To distribute, display, and measure the effectiveness of marketing and campaigns
  10. To create statistical data on the use of the Company’s Services in a format that does not allow identification of specific individuals
  11. To prevent or investigate activities that are or may be prohibited by the Company’s Terms of Use, and to take appropriate action based on such activities
  12. To make decisions on transactions with the Company (credit decisions) and to manage transactions after they have taken place
  13. To bill Customers who use paid services and to exercise other rights of the Company
  14. To manage the Customer’s account after it has been cancelled
  15. For other matters incidental or related to the above items

3. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company will not provide personal information entrusted to any third party without the consent of the Customer, except as permitted by law. However, this does not apply in the following cases.

  1. When it becomes necessary to provide personal information to an outside contractor within the scope of the original purpose of use. When it becomes necessary to provide personal information to a subcontractor, such information will be provided only after appropriate supervision of the subcontractor with respect to information management.
  2. When the Company uses personal information jointly within the Company as described below. However, in the case of joint use of personal information with the Company’s affiliates or business partners, the Company will clarify, notify, or publicly announce in advance the subject information items, purpose of use, scope of joint users, and responsible party for management.
  3. Other cases permitted under the Personal Information Protection Act

4. Cross-border Transfer of Personal Information

The Company, for the purpose stated in “2. Purposes of Use of Personal Information,” may provide the Customers personal information to companies located in the following countries or regions (including group companies and subcontractors of such companies).
Destination: United States of America and Japan.

5. Log Files, Cookies, Web Beacons, and Other Technical Information

The Company’s Services collect information such as the Customer’s IP address, number of accesses, browser used, OS and other devices used, by collecting log files, sending cookies (including cookies sent from third party servers for the purpose of measuring the effectiveness of advertisements), and installing web beacons. When Customers use the Company’s Services, the Company also collects information about the terminal ID and wi-fi connection from the Company’s Services. Customers can refuse to accept cookies through their browser settings, but if they do, they may not be able to use some of the Company’s Services. This information is collected for the purpose of analyzing trends in the use of the Company’s Services and investigating the causes of problems that may occur, and is not used for the purpose of identifying individual users.

6. Outsourcing the Handling of Personal Information

To the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use, the Company may entrust the handling of entrusted personal information to a third party. These third parties will be selected after confirming that they have adequate security standards for the handling of personal information, and will be supervised as necessary and appropriate through contracts and other means.

7. Security Measures

The Company will take reasonable precautions to protect personal information obtained, both online and offline. The Company will use firewalls, intrusion detection, SSL, and other technologies to ensure that personal information is handled with the utmost care and is accessible only by those authorized to do so for business purposes.

8. Legal Disclaimer for Disclosure

The Company may disclose information without the Customer’s consent when requested to do so by the national government, local governments, courts, police, or other authorities authorized by law or ordinance, as required by law.

9. Disclosure of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure and Contact for Inquiries

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, Customers may request the disclosure, correction, deletion, erasure, or cessation of use of their personal information (hereinafter referred to as “disclosure”).

For requests for disclosure of personal information, as well as opinions, questions, complaints, and other inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please contact the Company using the inquiry form below. The Company will respond after confirming the identity of the person to whom the information pertains. In principle, an administrative fee of 1,000 JPY (including tax) will be charged per disclosure. However, depending on the desired means of disclosure or notification, additional fees may be required. The Company may charge an additional fee that takes such costs into consideration.

Inquiry form:

10. Notification of Changes or Updates to Privacy Policy and Complaints

The Company will regularly review and improve the Company’s Services. Accordingly, the Company may change its Privacy Policy. In the event of a change that requires the consent of the Customer under the law, the content of the revised Privacy Policy and the date of enforcement will be announced on the Company’s website or otherwise notified to the Customer in an appropriate manner.

11. Contact for Inquiries and Complaints

If there are any inquiries or complaints regarding the handling of personal information, please contact the Company using the inquiry form below.

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12. Public Announcements Regarding the External Transmission Rules (Cookie Restrictions)

The Company uses 3rd party cookies and information collection modules to transmit user information to external parties, primarily for the purpose of optimizing the advertisements displayed on their site and analyzing the usage of their site. The following is an explanation of the name of the entity to which the information is sent, the name of the service to which the information is sent, the content of the information sent, the purpose of use of the information sent, a link to the privacy policy of the entity to which the information is sent, and a link to opt-out.

Revised on August 15, 2023