Babytech published an article about 4kiz

Babytech published an article about 4kiz.

New community function added to “4kiz,” a social networking service for children, a popular application for elementary school students.

Users can create communities on their favorite themes and interact safely and securely within the app

(Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), a developer and provider of social networking application services for children 12 and under, has released updated versions of both the iOS and Android versions of its application, adding and implementing a “community” function as a new feature on the application.
In addition to the existing functionality of a timeline where children post and share short videos of their creations and daily life, users can now join a community of their choice, exchange comments with each other, and share videos only within the community.
We have also introduced a new “4kiz point” which is a condition for being able to create your own community.

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